Friday, May 22

New Brunswick Health Minister Resignation Demand

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Recently New Brunswick Health Minister Michael Murphy told CBC he is "not entirely" comfortable administering abortion policy because of his pro-life beliefs. As New Brunswickers, this makes us MORE than uncomfortable. We are joining with the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada to demand Mr. Murphy's resignation.

Please send the following letter (or one of your own!) to Mr. Murphy, at, or you can call him at (506) 457-4800. Feel free to CC or BCC on your email!

Please circulate widely!

In solidarity,

NB Rebelles - Fredericton

Also check out the ARCC press release, and the CBC story.

Dear Hon. Mr. Murphy,

I am writing to express my displeasure with your performance as Health Minister for the province of New Brunswick, and to demand your resignation.

Recently you spoke publicly, in your capacity as an elected MLA, at an anti-abortion rally in Fredericton. This was followed by your admission to the media that you are “not entirely” comfortable administering the province’s policies on abortion.

Mr. Murphy, this is appalling. You are free to hold whatever personal beliefs you like, but when they begin to interfere – by your own admission – with how you do the job you were appointed to do, it is my belief that you should consider whether or not you are capable of holding that position.

Added to this is the fact that your handling of abortion policies in New Brunswick has been severely lacking. Women still face long wait lists in hospitals for what is undeniably a time sensitive procedure, their other option being to pay up to $750 at the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton. The policy that requires women to obtain referrals from two different doctors is illegal and contravenes the Canada Health Act. You have turned a deaf ear to the women of this province. You do not deserve to represent us.

Mr. Murphy, because of your stated inability to do your job without your personal beliefs interfering, and because of your continued lack of compassion and care for the women of New Brunswick on this issue, I demand your resignation.


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