Wednesday, January 27

Feminist Panel Discussion and Film Screening

The NB Rebelles invite you to a screening of Rebelles: The Documentary, followed by a panel discussion on Emerging Feminism in Canada.

Saturday, January 30
Edmund Casey Hall Room 120 (STU Campus)

The event includes a 40 minute film on the Montreal conference where over five hundred young women met on women's issues, with twenty women from Fredericton attending.

The speakers on the panel include St. Thomas Women's Studies faculty Dr. Jo-Anne Elder, Tania D'Aluisio-Tyler (Rebelles member and St. Thomas student), Bill Patrick (Gender Justice Collaborative), and Joyce Arthur (Executive Director, ARCC). Samantha Molen (of the NB Rebelles) will be moderating.

This event is co-sponsored by the Women's Studies and Gender Studies Programme at St. Thomas University, the UNB Women's Studies Programme, the UNB/STU Women's Centre and the Fredericton Peace Coalition. It is free to attend, and all members of the community are welcome!

Monday, January 25

Next Meeting

Hi friends! Our next meeting is TONIGHT!

Monday, Jan. 25th at 7pm
Feminist HQ
(email for directions).

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 14

Next Discussion/Meeting

Hi friends! This week we will be discussing Emerging Feminism, in order to get our feet wet for our upcoming public panel discussion on that very topic. We will also be meeting to plan the film screening, bake sale and big feminist party. Lots of good stuff on the horizon - hope to see you there!

Monday, January 18th at 7pm.
Feminist HQ

For more info and directions, email

Tuesday, January 12

NB Rebelles 2009: Year in Review

In case you're wondering who these Rebelles are and what they get up to, here is a little recap of our activities in the past year.

We held the following events:

Thank-You Brunch (February)
We hosted a brunch for all the "second wave" women who sponsored us to attend the Rebelles Gathering in Montreal. We have many wonderful supporters and allies in Fredericton to whom we are very grateful!

RAWA Benefit (March)
For this event, which was put on by a collection of groups (organized by the Fredericton Peace Coalition), the NB Rebelles organized a silent auction to benefit the Revoluntionary Association of Women of Afghanistan. A total of $1900 was raised.

International Women's Day Potluck (March)
The NB Rebelles sent several representatives to a potluck brunch for International Women's Day, which was attended by many Fredericton- and New Brunswick-based womens' groups.

Waves of Resistance Evaluation and Planning Meeting (March)
The NB Rebelles sent a representative to the evaluation and planning meeting that followed the Rebelles Gathering.

Dialogue Session on Poverty (March)
We hosted a dialogue session on poverty and gender for a provincial government initiative on povery reduction.

Feminist Retreat (March)
Maybe our favourite event so far - the NB Rebelles hosted a one-day feminist retreat for Fredericton feminists to come together and discuss everything from body image to capitalism. We were so happy with the attendance and there were a lot of different perspectives to mull over. We even recruited new members!

Pay Equity Action (May)
The NB Rebelles, with the help of the NB Coalition on Pay Equity, arranged a May Day action on pay equity. We encouraged New Brunswickers to email the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women (Mary Schryer) demanding immediate action. We were very impressed with the number of people who took part!

Health Minister Resignation Action (May)
Flush with the success of our Pay Equity action, we arranged a similar email campaign demanding the resignation of then-Health Minister Michael Murphy, because of his unethical handling of reproductive rights for the women of New Brunswick.

Yard Sale (June)
The NB Rebelles held a fundraising yard sale to benefit the Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre. We raised over $200.

Vigil for Dr. Tiller (June)
We organized a candlelight vigil for murder abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. A personal reflection on Dr. Tiller by Dr. Henry Morgentaler was read at the event.

Women's Festival (August)
Most of our time and energy over the summer went into organizing the Fredericton Women's Festival. We collected female artists, craftspeople, vendors and musicians to join us in putting on a free festival to celebrate women and the work they do. We were very pleased with the turnout and are hoping to make this an annual Fredericton event.

Cinema Politica: Abortion (October)
The NB Rebelles co-sponsored a Fredericton Cinema Politica event with the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, to present two documentaries on abortion. Rebelle and ARCC representative Peggy Cooke led the post-film discussion.

Andrea Gibson (November)
The NB Rebelles joined the Fredericton Peace Coalition, the Fredericton Sexual Assaul Crisis Centre, and many other groups to bring slam poet and activist Andrea Gibson to Fredericton to perform. The event had a sell-out crowd and Andrea donated her fee to RAWA.

We've been working on some cool side projects:

NB Rebelles Gumboot Troupe
We currently have a five-member gumboot troupe that has performed our self-taught routine at several different venues and events, from art openings to conferences, to a December 6th memorial service. The troupe has incorporated lines from the Manifesto into our routine to present a powerful anti-patriarchy message that has been surprisingly well-received. The gumbooters can be reached at

NB Rebelles - Fredericton Merchandise
The NB Rebelles hired a local artist, Angela Black, to design three logos for us. We then used these to create t-shirts which are on sale on our website. All the shirts are pre-worn, hand-screened and made with love. We are also selling feminist buttons (in ten different designs) and will soon have hand-screened tote bags as well. The sale of these items is an ongoing fundraiser for the NB Rebelles.

Book Exchange
We are working on a book exchange; unfortunately with no central location this has proven difficult, but the idea is still in the beginning stages and we are confident we can find a way to make it work. Suggestions are welcome!

One of the main goals of the NB Rebelles - Fredericton is to connect with other local groups who are working in feminism and social justice, and to donate our time, money and energy to causes that fit within our mandate. Over the last year we have joined the Fredericton Peace Coalition, the NB Coalition on Pay Equity and the Olympic Resistance Network. We have also worked with many groups including the Fredericton YMCA, Cinema Politica, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre, and many others. We look forward to expanding our circle of allies in the following year.

And we've kept our web presence strong in the following ways:

Our website, which is updated regularly and features a weekly feminist reader, weekly feminist photo, updates on meeting times and locations, upcoming events, and much more.

You can follow us on Twitter:

We have both a Facebook group and fan page, and we can always be reached by email at

What we have planned for 2010:

In January we are looking forward to hosting a screening of the Rebelles documentary, followed by a panel discussion featuring Joyce Arthur of ARCC, among other fabulous feminists. We have plans for another feminist retreat in the spring, and are in the early stages of planning a big feminist party in the spirit of the Rebelles conference in Montreal. We hope to start forming better connections with Rebelles across the country and building the movement together. Feminism lives!

Monday, January 11

Nb Rebelles Reader

The first Rebelles Reader of the year is themed for your convenience.

Marriage and Family:

Polygamy is hot
The Boss blows me away again
Marriage is complicated
Cornwall report on abused children in Ontario
Daycare in Ontario improving

Emerging Feminist Theory:

Patients elude us all
A closer look at Italian television
Gender based activism

Body Politics:

Euthanasia in Quebec
Ireland and abortion
Hair pulling: particularly offensive unsportsmanlike conduct


High heals are oppressive
Saturation of negative body images
Things that can be improved with feminism: Titanic edition


We've learned all there is to know about some things, it seems
Research on women's bodies? More shocking than this story

Montreal Massacre:

In remembrance/in outrage

Next Meeting

Just to let everyone know, the first NB Rebelles meeting of the year will be tonight:

Monday, January 11th, 2010
Feminist HQ (email for the address).

See you there!