Tuesday, May 5

International Day of the Midwife - May 5th

16 years ago, midwives were not legally recognized anywhere in Canada. In 2009, there are about 800 midwives working in Canada and midwifery is an integrated part of the health care system in B.C., Alberta, Sask., Man., Ont., Qc & N.S.

The process of legalizing midwifery is underway in New Brunswick, but midwifery is currently not legal in our province.

More than 100 new midwives are expected to be eligible for registration in Canada in 2009. Midwives assist at less than 5% of births nationwide.

The need for more midwives is acute:
  • Canada is seeing a significant rise in medical interventions in low-risk births.
  • In 2005-06 estimates for the total Caesarean rate was about 30%, contravening WHO standards.
  • In 2006 Canada’s ranking in infant mortality dropped to 21st position; it was 6th in 1990.
  • In 2006, the perinatal mortality rate went to 14th - it was previously 2nd.
For more information visit the Canadian Association of Midwives webpage.

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