Wednesday, May 27


Omitting The Word, aims to explore what it means to be a feminist and question the way in which the term is claimed, rejected and perceived. We are asking for short pieces of writing from women and men who describe themselves as feminists and those who chose to reject the term.

Omitting the word feminist, please write 250 words on either:
  • Why you do or do not consider yourself to be a feminist?
  • What does the term "feminist" mean to you?
  • What does it mean to be a feminist?
  • Why do you associate or disassociate with the word "feminist"?
  • Is the term "feminist" relevant?
We are interested in your personal response. Your words will be published alongside others. Your name will appear collectively but your individual contribution will be anonymous.

Please email your response, entitled OTW, to
The M.S. Citizenship Collective is a Winnipeg group comprised of feminists from various feminist organizations and communities who came together in January 2008 as a coalition to organise a march for 2008 International Women's Day. Since then, we have continued to meet and discuss relevant feminist issues.

We are part of the Pan Canadian Young Feminists Movement, we are RebELLEs who want to see change on a local, national and global level. Get involved in any capacity you are able! After all, feminists build communities inclusive to all.

The M.S Citizenship Collective is also the new Organizing Committee (OC) for the next Pan Canadian Young Feminists Gathering! Contact us if you want to get involved!

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