Thursday, March 31

Video from today's protest from Global Maritime news


Protest TODAY at NOON outside the legislature.

Come and be seen by the people who want to silence us.

Wednesday, March 30

Protest today in Moncton

Where: Moncton City Hall

What date: Wednesday March 3o, 2011

When: 4:30 to 5:30 pm

The Alward government has abolished the N.B. Advisory Council for the Status of Women, and on Thursday there is a vote in the legislature to get it back! So we need to get as many females and supportive males to come out and show their support.

Our plan to is have women wearing bandannas over their mouths with a sign saying "N.B. women gagged/silenced by Alward" and the men to be holding signs saying "In Solidarity with N.B. women." If you don't live near Moncton, plan a simultaneous protest in your community!

SO do your part! Show up, Invite people and Support NB Women! and!/home.php?sk=group_108606645888020&notif_t=group_r2j for more info on this issue!

Nous songeons à mettre sur pied une manifestation pacifique devant l’Hôtel de Ville de Moncton ce mercredi 30 mars entre 16 h 30 et 17 h 30 (heure de pointe!) Nous avons choisi cette date parce que c’est l’avant-dernière journée du CCCF du NB et le jour précédent un vote sur une motion voulant réinstaurer le CCCF du NB à l’Assemblée législative.

Nous envisageons des gens debout à l’extérieur avec la bouche bâillonnée avec des mouchoirs; les femmes porteront des enseignes disant : « Les femmes du Nouveau-Brunswick bâillonnées par Alward. » et les hommes porteront des enseignes disant : « Nous appuyons les femmes du NB. » Nous ferons face à la circulation, et ce, en silence pour montrer notre appui pour le CCCF du NB en souhaitant d’avoir une couverture médiatique.

Nous allons aussi faire des brassards que les manifestants pourront porter. Nous allons couper des languettes de tissu bleu (la couleur du logo du CCCF) et on y appliquera le logo du CCCF du NB également. Nous distribuerons ces items à la manifestation et les gens sont encouragés à faire leur propre brassard également.

Vous pouvez organiser une manifestation dans différentes villes au même moment!


Meeting tonight!

The Rebelles are meeting tonight at 7pm. Please join us to discuss the elimination of the Advisory Council and the protest being held Thursday at 12 noon outside the legislature. We will also be available to take pictures of women interested in the photo protest and will send them to the Save our Advisory Council blog on your behalf. Other topics include fund raising for the national Rebelles conference in Winnipeg this May.

Email us at for details.

Hope to see you tonight!

Tuesday, March 29

Protest the Elimination of the Advisory Council

Where: Outside the legislature

What date: Thursday March 31, 2011

When: 12 Noon

Help us show the New Brunswick government how important the Advisory Council is by gathering in solidarity outside the legislature on Thursday before the motion to reinstate the Advisory Council on the Status of Women is read.

Sunday, March 27

Save the Advisory Council

The Fredericton NB Rebelles want to support the protest of the elimination of the ACSW by encouraging the people of New Brunswick to show the Alward government the faces of the people that they've attempted to silence.

Self identified women can take their own pictures with tape over their mouths with the word "Alward" written across it.

"Part of the unique mandate of the ACSW is to analyze the impact of government action and inaction on the status of women and to bring it to the attention of the public and decision-makers." This important voice is being silenced by the Alward government; now it's time for them to look into the faces of the women they are silencing.

Please help support our initiative and the ACSW by posting a picture of yourself with tape on your mouth. Preferably the picture would be looking with disapproval at the camera, challenging this elimination of women's voices, perspectives and insight in New Brunswick government.

The Fredericton Rebelles are hosting a meeting this Wednesday March 30th at Feminist HQ in Fredericton to take pictures for women. Please feel free to email us at for details.

We will post these pictures on the facebook action page, and will also email them to David Alward at The Advisory council's blog has more information about who else you can contact about your outrage and they suggest the media as well as your local MLA:

Hope to see you angry,
Tania D'Aluisio-Tyler
on behalf of the Fredericton NB Rebelles

Example photos: