Wednesday, June 23

Next Meeting

Feminists! Our next NB Rebelles meeting will be this Monday, June 28 at 7pm. Come join us at Feminist HQ (email for directions) for feminist discussion, good company and maybe snacks - but most certainly tea!

New faces are always welcome!

Wednesday, June 9

Screen Printing Night!

The NB Rebelles will be doing some screen printing this week, at our regular meeting time and place (email us for info). Please join us - the more people we have to help, the easier (and more fun!) it will be.

If you are unable to come but you have an item of clothing that you would like screen printed with one of our three logos (designed for us by Angela Black of Random Paper and Fabric), we will do it for you for $10. Please contact us to arrange a drop off or pick up of your item(s).

See you Monday night!

Our logos:


Feminist fist

Rebelles fist

Friday, June 4

Next NB Rebelles Meeting

Feminists! Don't forget to join us for our next meeting:

Monday, June 7th at 7pm
Feminist HQ (email us for directions)

We love to see new faces!