Thursday, June 11

Weekly Feminist Photo!

Greetings Friends,
Today welcomes the introduction of the Weekly Feminist Photo, which shall be posted on Thursdays from now on. I hope to create a pretty nice archive of funny, inspiring, and thought provoking photos/comics/artwork with small profiles attached. If you see a photo that you'd like to see posted/written about, email with "Weekly Feminist Photo" in the subject line.

This photo comes from The Dreams for Women 2009 Calendar project (link), created and distributed by Antigone Magazine (link).

Dreams for Women started as a postcard project where people created something that responded to the question: What is your dream for women?

It then developed into a calendar, a series of videos, an exhibit in the International Museum of Women, and now submissions can be found at Confabulous (link), a fantastically feminist blog written by women in Canada.

Want to send in a submission? Mail it to -
Antigone Magazine
Box 61 – 6138 SUB Blvd
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z1
OR antigonemagazine(at)

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