Tuesday, June 9

The Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre

As you may already know, on Saturday, June 14th, the NB Rebelles will be having a large community yard sale! Click here for more details.

Half of our proceeds are going towards the Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre (link), and I thought it might be nice to share some more information about that organization.

The Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre was formed in the summer of 1975 as a result of local community concern regarding the need for sexual assault services. By January 1976, with a grant and support of volunteers, the Centre was able to offer a 24-hour phone service which still continues today with funding from various sources.

This line is an amazing resource for the community, offering information and support to all callers, as well as the option of accompaniment services for callers in the Fredericton area who choose to go to the hospital or police station following an assault.

You can become involved by:

* supporting the centre - all donations are tax deductible and gratefully accepted
* becoming a volunteer (email fsaccadmin@nb.aibn.com)
* inviting us them address your group (contact the same email shown above)

Please come out to the yard sale on Saturday, or contact nbrebelles@gmail.com prior to that to arrange a drop-off for items that you wish to donate. It's going towards a great cause!

Information has been adapted from fsacc.ca and from the authors experience.

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