Tuesday, June 23

Opposition NDP slams Tory politician for 'sexist' remarks on blog

"The blog posting was framed as a bit of advice for girls that suggested "men are attracted to smiles, so smile and don't give me any of that equal stuff. If you want equal, it comes in little packages at Starbucks."

The blog also said there's "nothing that a man wants less than a woman scowling because he thinks he is going to get shit for something and he has no idea what."

Notley [NDP] said the comments suggest a lack of respect for women and a failure to understand women's struggle for equality.

"What does it say about Alberta when a government MLA is telling young girls that their understanding of equality can be found in a diet sweetener at Starbucks?" Notley asked in a news release.

"Equal is a woman's right, not a Starbucks sweetener.""

New favourite line: "If I were sexist I think I would certainly know about it by now." Um, dude, we just told you...

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