Monday, November 9

NB Rebelles Reader

This week I couldn't help but read about the potential sale of NB Power. Even Rick Mercer was making fun of us. Living so close to an NDP province makes us look even worse

In cute animal news, NB lions can't keep their emotions in check

Wall Street success story?

I like the idea of the German Chancellor's quiet revolution

This one speaks for itself, what if we did as much to prevent rape as we did to prevent H1N1?

I like lists, particularly the ones challenging us to think about equality and how we can be active in it

Speaking of gender, famous people make everything more interesting

Women's history is only in it's 4th decade. This is beautiful and horrific all at the same time somehow

More shock, medical horror stories, this time with vaginas

Sometimes I think things are getting better. Then I read something like this

Finally, if you were able to catch any of Silver Wave Film Festival this weekend, you were sure to hear about the amazing short, Broke. Nominated for Best Original Music, Best New Brunswick Short Drama, Best Screenwriting, and winner of Best Actress in a Short Drama

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