Tuesday, November 3

NB RebElles Reader

This week's Reader ranges from the infuriatingly pejorative to the absurdly ill prepared:

Seriously? "Police said they first offered help to the prostitutes to try to get them off the streets, but when it didn't work, they started making arrests"

On abortion, some things never change? Ancient style and Canadian struggles

Bill Maher suggested we hear more about Dick Cheney these days than when he was VP. I think he was right

Speaking of Mr. Maher, tired of reading about H1N1 shots on your facebook feed? I know I am

I do like to read anything with feminism in the title that isn't in a feminist publication, though. Nona Willis profile

Don't forget to vote for the Bucky Awards. Check out Hannah Georgas while you're at it

Finally, I wonder where they thought people would go? Or if anyone considered that people would have to go at all

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