Monday, November 23

20 Days 20 Ways

Oh goodness, did you know about the postcard campaign that is being put on right now by the Canadian Labour Congress?

I sure hope so.
If not, it looks something like this:

They're asking Canadians to send 20 postcards in 20 days to Stephen Harper, telling him to take action to end violence against women (click here for more info). They're doing it now because on December 6th it will be 20 years since fourteen women were murdered in Montreal.

Cool initiative, right?

"But wait," you say, "the campaign has already started, and I'm behind, and I don't even have a package of postcards to do this with."

Good news!
It's all online. Everyday, instead of mailing a postcard, you can fill out a page on the internet that will send the message for you. There is even a spot for you to add your own words on the subject. And sure this started on November 16th, but hey, better late than never.

Today's message was "Funding for shelters must be substantially increased." Yes! It does. What will tomorrow's message be? Why not see for yourself, at their website:

Let's work together. A lot is being done across the country on these issues, but it would be nice to unite, even if it's just in postcard form. I got my postcard package yesterday and shoved seven cards in the mail. Please do the same!

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