Monday, November 7

Rebelles Reader

From the google reminder of Marie Curie's 144th birthday to women's presence in the Occupy movement, I feel like women and feminism have been in the news a lot lately.  Here's a round up of what I've been reading.

Mommy's little helper for the 21st Century from Jezebel and the NY Times

From Young Feminist Wire, Gender and the G20

FRIDA, the young feminist fund launches

Here's an excerpt on men and feminism from feministing

Bitch Media helps us with a twitter round up

A birth control pill was linked to blood clots

Online feminism has been a particularly hot topic: 

NY Mag did a feature on feminist blogging

Someone started a feminist photo blog

The Nation takes on online feminism

Feministing provides a review of the same article

A local feminist from a male perspective

Rabble talks about progressive feminism in neoliberal times

Our own P. Cooke takes a moment to talk gratitude

No news day is complete without something something 72 day marriage

On Occupy; rabble talks about Feminism and Occupy specifically, they have an interview with Michael Parenti, and Racialicious takes on diversity and the movement

As a side note, I'll be hosting a discussion group next Monday November 14th about women and the Occupy movement.  Please pass it on to any Londonites you may be in contact with.

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