Tuesday, October 18

Updates from London On


I miss hosting the Rebelles meetings so much that I've started a discussion group in my new city, London On.

Check out the facebook invite.  Please feel free to invite anyone you know in or around London.  Invite yourselves for support.  Be motivated to start your own discussion group in your city.  Use my invite as a starting point.

For this group, I decided to put the address, rather than encourage people to email for details.  It's no Feminist HQ, it's just a discussion at my house.

"Please attend to an informal discussion group about feminism. This week, I'll lead a discussion titled, Feminism in My Life. I'll talk for about 15 minutes and then open the floor to a round table discussion. Feel free to say whatever you like, in a safe way, in a safe space.

Also, the more the merrier! Not a feminist? Come anyway! Not a lady? Come anyway! Think you have nothing to say? Come anyway! Not invited? Come anyway! No pressure to contribute or participate.

There will be tea. It might be delicious.

In the future, we can do this again with someone else leading the talk. Previous topics have included: Lady Gaga, Feminist? Women in Politics, Women and Head Coverings, History of Western Feminism, Traditional Gender Roles. We can talk about other options on Sunday. If this sounds fun and/or anyone actually participates, I'll make this a group with a weekly update."

I'll be thinking of NB every time the doorbell rings and we shout "Come in!  Please don't let the cat(s) out!"

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