Monday, August 24


"N.B.s 3rd progress report about its 5-yr plan to eliminate wage inequality shows the wage gap increased in 2008, with men earning 14.1% more than women, up from 12.6% in 2007. "I'd like to see that we be able to bring it back down to where we started in 2006 within the next couple of years,” said Mary Schryer, minister for the status of women. Schryer said one reason the wage disparity continues to grow is because so much government stimulus money is going to the construction industry... Critics say the widening pay gap is a sign the government should legislate pay equity in the private sector. Schryer said it would be expensive to monitor. The Liberal government passed a law for public-sector employees… Former Tory minister Margaret-Ann Blaney, who launched the 5-yr action plan, opposed legislating pay equity when she was in government but has changed her view… Blaney said legislating pay equity is her personal view, not party policy."

Excerpts, N.B. wage gap, 18 Aug 2009, CBC News via NBWomen's News - August 24, 2009 a service of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women

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