Thursday, August 13

Call for Solidarity from the Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Support Centre

Please circulate this info to everyone who are interested in supporting women's rights at Carleton University. We need people to write emails, and especially to join our rally next Monday.

Carleton University is being sued by a female student who was brutally sexually assaulted, on campus, while completing her laboratory work, in 2007. In response, the university states that the victim's injuries were "caused or contributed to by the Plaintiff through her own negligence... she was not keeping a proper lookout for her own safety".

We urge all community members who believe in women's rights to email your thoughts to:

The Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Support Centre is launching a campaign in response:
"Accountability, safety, respect, dignity: We're Asking For It!"

We are organizing an emergency rally for next Monday, Aug. 17th:

A demonstration, organized by Carleton Students and members of the Ottawa community, is being held to bring attention to Carleton's stance on sexual assault. Student demonstrators will meet at at 2:30pm in the atrium of the University Centre and will head to the CU's administration offices at 3:00pm to present petitions and opposition letters. We will then march to the Bronson/Sunnyside entrance where we will be joined by members of the larger community for a rally from 4:30-6:00pm.

For more information:

To get involved, contact:

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