Wednesday, July 22

New group aims for more women in N.B. politics

This initiative is spearheaded by a "Progressive Conservative insider" and claims it is going to be "a broad-based, multi-partisan organization".

I find that exceptionally hard to believe since even this article is highly biased toward the implementation of a Tory report suggesting the parties need to be offered more money to run female candidates and that proportional representation would increase the number of women in government. Insinuating they would have implemented these changes had they not lost the last election. HA!

Are they really suggesting that women aren't in politics because the parties aren't letting them in? How about the fact that the traditional, capitalist, political structure that we adhere to is also *gasp* patriarchal? When this initiative fails they will say "women aren't interested in politics", and when it has marginal success every time a female politician screws up they will say "so much for affirmative action".

I'd also like to send a special thank-you out to the good old boys who comment on CBC. Seriously, when are we getting that middle finger option I've been requesting? Sometimes a thumbs down just isn't enough.

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