Tuesday, October 20

Weekly Feminist Photo

Oh hello!

At some point, alongside the wonderful Rebelles Reader posts, I'd like to do a shout out to all the feminist blogs that Rebelles - Fredericton members read.

Right now I'm just going to mention one: Shakesville. You've probably already experienced how excellent it is but if not, please do check it out!

While all contributors at Shakesville write excellent and important posts, I always look forward to reading pretty much anything that Melissa McEwan has to say (or draw).

Yesterday she posted something that still has me reeling.

As a reaction to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton using the word "she" to describe a hypothetical farmer,* Melissa compiled and posted a photo essay of female farmers from various parts of the world. You need to see these!

These are three of my favourites, though I have many many more:



(a dairy farmer protesting milk prices)

Which ones get to you?

*The word 'farmer' often conjures an image of a man, even though women make up the majority of our world's farmers.

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Keri said...

This is an awful addendum, but I did want to mention it -

I was kind of upset about how there wasn't a depiction of Canadian female farmers, so I decided to create my own photo essay. When I started to google it, I was immediately flooded with pictures of Robert Pickton.

Now I'm extremely upset.