Thursday, October 1

Weekly Feminist Photo(s)

This weeks photo comes from the Girls Are Not Chicks colouring book created by Julie Novak (of Guitars and Hearts) and Jacinta Bunnell in 2003.

In 2006 they took the book on the road as part of "The Sparkle Kids Action Network Chorus of Crayons Tour" which featured a make your own gender-defying Colouring Book Workshop. Then, in the spring of '07, Neko Case asked Jacinta to join in on her tour, promoting the colouring books by presenting a Live Coloring Stage Show.

Are you kidding me? Neko Case! What? YES!

In other news (nope, it's the same news), I just bought this colouring book on Etsy. I do believe that there are two left, plus copies of another colouring book available.

In real other news, Etsy has a local search option so that you can see what those in your area are making.

Did you know that there is a local maker/seller of cloth menstrual pads in Fredericton? Amazing! Check out Rosie's stuff at the RCD Boutique. If you see something you like, contact her through Etsy and make some pickup arrangements.

Oh goodness, there's nothing I like more than practical crafts!

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