Monday, October 26

NB RebElles Reader

First off this week, we're reminded by Feministing how amazing and positive it is to have men like Michael Kimmel speaking about equality and language

He also mentions Mad Men as his current, favourite tv show. Check out Elisabeth Moss's interview about her character's feminism here

In reproductive rights this week, a New Brunswick update, offering a compassionate perspective to the 40 days of 'life' (I can overuse quotations too) protesters in Fredericton.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, access to birth control becomes more and more restricted leaving women with difficult choices (surprise!)

Apparently Catholic numbers are so low, Anglicans are welcome again

In body politics, North Americans discuss male circumcision

And in competing parental advice, crazy parents vs. screaming parents

Finally, The Pack A.D. were in Halifax this weekend and there were not nearly enough people rocking out. Making Gestures

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