Tuesday, August 9

SLUTWALK Fredericton - Because we've had enough!

SLUTWALK Fredericton is here! August 12th, 2011. We'll be meeting in the Tannery shortly before 8pm for the walk.

But why?
On January 24th 2011, a representative of the Toronto Police Force gave the public insight to how they really feel about victims of sexual assault by stating women should "avoid dressing like sluts".

Historically the term "slut" has held negative connotations and been used to shame women (and men) for their sexual practices. And whether it has been used as a serious insult of character, or an everyday insult among friends, the intent behind the word is malicious, so we're taking it back. We are re-claiming "slut".

We live in a society where we teach young women to protect themselves against rape, and to expect sexual assault at every corner. Our strategies need to change. The dialogue needs to switch from "don't get raped" to "do not rape". Young women need to be taught "it's OK to say no".

Slutwalk is a demonstration, a way for us (men and women alike) to take back the word "slut", to not feel pressured into sex because of what we're wearing. A low cut top is not an invitation.

Let's put an end to "slut-shaming."

Slutwalk is an anti-bullying, anti-rape demonstration. It's about educating people to respect boundaries.

It's about freedom of expression, it's about feeling safe when you're out at the club having fun. It's about freedom of choice and sexuality.

The facebook event page can be found here.

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Unknown said...

Hey. I was at the slut walk chanting ONE TWO TREE FO LOOK AT THE BITCHES OF FREDERICTON GO