Tuesday, June 28

Rally in Support of Sexual Health Clinics

Where: In front of the legislative assembly house

What date: Wednesday, June 29

When: 8:00 am

Added details:  The provincial government has decided to decrease access to sexual health clinics in NB. This week the health minister is meeting with experts to discuss the ramifications of this decision at the provincial legislature in Fredericton. We hope to show the publicly discuss these same consequences and show support for these much needed, underfunded cornerstones of our health care system.


MotherofMayhem said...

Umm...am I missing something here? What sexual health clinics?

Tania D said...

There is a sexual health clinic in Fredericton. The hours have been cut from 6 to 2 hours per week. The age of people welcome has been reduced from 24 to 19. We wanted to make these changes/cuts known to the public by speaking to one another and the media. We wanted the provincial government to realize that people in this province take this seriously. 3 doctors who used to work at this clinic quit over these proposed cuts, which take effect on June 30th.

Doctors Experts said...

What is sexual health clinics? what is the update after you have posted this? please update your blog's news.
- Bladder cancer

Brian said...

The provincial government has decided to decrease access to Sexual Health Clinics in London.