Monday, November 8

The Future of the NB Rebelles!

Greetings Friends,
Due to hectic schedules, the NB Rebelles will be taking an intermission from our weekly meetings!

That being said, we are planning a potluck on December 8th starting at 6pm in Feminist HQ. Please RSVP by emailing nbrebelles @
We hope to see you there!

In January, we plan to switch to Wednesday nights. Our first meeting will be on the 12th, where we'll plan a small recruitment drive (posters, etc), and then our first real meeting of the year will be on Wednesday, January 19th. The discussion topic will be Dating While Feminist.

After January 19th, we plan to meet every two weeks. A subcommittee will be formed for those who plan to go to the May 2011 Rebelles Conference in Winnipeg. We have a lot of fundraising to do!

Thanks again for your membership and support! We hope to see you on the 8th.

love and rage
NB Rebelles - Fredericton

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