Friday, December 4

NB Rebelles Reader

Even though it was the American Thanksgiving last week, there was plenty of appalling news to keep the reader going

Anti Feminists are all around us. I learned at the Montreal Rebelles meeting that many anti groups have roots in past feminists endeavors. Men being disenfranchised? I imagine that would be infuriating enough to lash out at, not that women know anything about that

Speaking of lashing out, Andrea Gibson eloquently put emotions into words when she was in Fredericton last month. A St. Thomas journalism student produced this piece on the event

Also locally, at the Morgantaller clinic, a protester has often tried to convince the escorts that the face of Jesus is visible in the plastic bag of a photograph he has. One crazy can often find another

Something from a perspective I hadn't considered, hugging as body politics. Good thing we have cuddle parties to help us learn about consent and comfortable touch

Finally, for this week's dose of fun culture, cat apartments

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