Thursday, September 3

Don't sideline women's reproductive health care

For those of you who have been following the health care reform debate in the states, and thinking it's crazy, have a gander at this person's take on how it will affect women.

"Myths and misinformation are flying in the fight over health-care reform... One of the harshest and loudest promoters of this negative campaign is Rush Limbaugh, who recently said on his radio program, "Reproductive health care is abortion.""

And for those of you who may be thinking "Pfewf! SO glad we have public healthcare!", I had to pay $40 yesterday to see a doctor at a private walk-in clinic in Ottawa because they do not accept NB coverage - meaning if I couldn't pay, I would have to make my way to the hospital (no where near where I am) or not see a doctor. New Brunswick cannot afford private healthcare.

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Keri said...

Michelle, that news makes me want to stab myself in the face (good thing I live in province).