Thursday, April 16

Feminist Book Exchange Explained

The book exchange stickers say "This book has been identified as a Feminist Find by a member of the NBRebELLEs - Fredericton". You may soon find this sticker on the inside cover of a book near you.

This means, the book has been identified as an interesting read from a feminist perspective and is recommended reading for other feminists.

When you identify a book as a Feminist Find, you do not need to justify or qualify your choice. It does not mean that the book is necessarily a "Feminist book" and/or that any ideas within the book are representative of an ideology that the NBRebELLEs - Fredericton may or may not ascribe to. It simply means that a member of our group thinks other feminists should read this book.

These books are meant to be kept in general circulation, so please have a read and pass it on:)

Recommended Feminist Finds List

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