Saturday, August 15

We need fewer barriers to abortion, not more

"In recent days, a number of private clinics in Quebec – including the legendary Morgentaler clinic – have said they will stop performing abortions.

That access to abortion should be threatened, after decades of battles in the courts, is a shocking development.

It is also a reminder that the battle for reproductive rights is never done because there are a cruelly endless number of ways to undermine access. Prince Edward Island still offers no abortion services at all. New Brunswick requires referrals from two doctors. Women in rural areas of the country often have to travel hundreds of kilometres for care. Some provinces cover only the cost of abortions performed in hospitals, creating a financial barrier."

As Atlantic Canadian feminists, the struggle for access to abortion is not a new story to us, but the recent developments in Quebec have been a slap in the face for many women's rights advocates who thought we had permanently gained some ground. I am hoping this dismay continues and draws some more attention to the appauling lack of access in our provinces.

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