Monday, July 27

CALL OUT for N.B. Media Co-op Advisory Board Representatives

This is a call out for all those interested in representing one of the identified groups or issues on the N.B. Media Co-op Advisory Board. Representatives will be elected by the N.B. Media Co-op members.

About the N.B. Media Co-op:

The New Brunswick Media Co-op proposes a grassroots, democratic, reader-funded alternative to the corporate press. We're looking for readers, contributors, members, volunteers and sustainers. The Media Co-op belongs to all members and contributors. All forms of media (print, radio, video) are welcome for inclusion on our website and our monthly publication, The Brief (both soon to be launched). Our approach combines journalism, community organizing, and online collaboration to create a financially sustainable, independent, member-run Media Co-op network that spans the country.

Advisory Board members will:
  • Work with the editorial board and contributors to ensure that their group/issue has a voice, and is represented fairly;
  • Suggest potential news stories or topics for coverage;
  • Attend 4 meetings per year;
  • Act as a liaison between their group, the editorial collective, and, if needed, the contributors;
  • Monitor what is being produced by the N.B. Media Co-op to ensure ethical reporting;
  • Keep an eye out for potential new contributors;
  • Promote the N.B. Media Co-op, and encourage new members and sustainers;
  • Commit to 1-2 year terms on the board.
Representative Positions Open:
  • Acadian/Francophone New Brunswick
  • Anti-Poverty/Social justice
  • Arts & Culture
  • Disabled
  • Environmental Justice
  • Farmers/Rural
  • Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, Queer
  • Health
  • Indigenous
  • Labour
  • Multi-cultural
  • Post-Secondary Student
  • Women
  • Youth (High school or younger)
To apply: Submit 1-2 paragraphs about yourself stating your interest in the position and your experience with the group/issue you would like to represent. Submission of interest must be sent by August 3 to

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